Post processing for Additive Manufacturing

RKL Technologies is capable of post processing all types of additively manufactured components. We have extensive experience in all secondary processes needed to turn your ‘printed’ part into an end use component.

One of RKL’s greatest competitive advantages is our proprietary Tumbling Lab. We have honed our tumbling process over the last 40 years and have formulated a precision recipe of tumbling media, rpm, solutions, times, and materials that are specific to different geometries and material types. Our tumbling process produces an unmatched finish, free of burrs and imperfections.

We specialize in high temperature plastics, such as Ultem and PEEK, as well as most metals. Our capabilities include:

  • Machining
  • Support removal
  • Proprietary surface finishing processes
  • Inspection

High quality, high precision parts is our primary goal.

post processing